ABCDlady is on Sale
Capitalize on our community goodwill, audience loyalty and over 2k professional images of Desis for your next business!
What are the Benefits of Ownership?
Brand equity and exclusive access to, to name a few. Email for details.
Model: Aruna Paramasivam. Photographer: JW Atherton
We just received news that ABCDlady is a finalist for another journalism award. That would make five awards in six years! Check out our latest!
ABCDlady would like to thank our wonderful team: Roopsi Risam, Rima Chodha, Devika Koppikar, Ekta Garg, Rachna Vohra, Elaine Flores, Ranu Boppana, Angilee Shah, Priya Sastry, Pratichi Shah, Anju Mulchandani, Brinda Abu- Obaid, Rajni Hatti, Mayank Bubna, Rohina Phadnis, Shweta Jha, Nivedita Kulkarni, ...okay, do you really think we could have listed everyone? Click here for the rest!

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