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Letter from the Editor

Dear ABCDlady Readers,

As a busy lady trying to balance two careers and find time for my loved ones, I find it difficult to get around to everything I want to do. Likewise, I know that everyone has their share of pressures. So for the women who are desperately trying to have it all, like yours truly, this month we provide some tips on getting there.

First, we discuss how South Asian women actually experience greater stress than men for psychological, physical and cultural reasons, and also provide some applicable advice on how to deal with your stress. Next, we present some recipes for fun summer Desi drinks that you can make with children. We continue by describing the fundamentals of raising well-rounded children.

This month, we also reflect on that ever-persistent question South Asians are asked: “Where are you from?” Will native-born Americans ever consider us to be just as American as they view themselves? As the Desi influence expands in North America, so does our representation in media. We discuss the beginning of three exclusive Desi channels and our community’s reaction.

For some fashion fun, our Desi Diva gives advice on summer styles, plus the secret to bringing the beach to work. Our Love and Sex Expert talks about settling down with a Desi man and bleeding during intercourse.

And finally, we chat about the desire of many South Asians to have lighter skin and its implications.



Navdeep Kathuria
Editor-in-Chief, ABCDlady

P.S. Check out our newly launched yellow pages and find out about our search for South Asian models of all ages for an upcoming photo shoot in DC.

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