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Letter from the Editor

Dear ABCDlady Readers,

Now that spring is here and summer’s just around the corner, we know your days and nights soon will be filled with catching the latest blockbuster, savoring glasses of chilled white wine at outdoor parties and escaping to fabulous tropical destinations. In this month’s issue, we’re giving you the low-down on the hottest things to do and see. First, we start off with the scoop on Water, the provocative new film from highly acclaimed director, Deepa Mehta. We learn more about the making of Water and get some interesting insight into what she thinks Desis need to survive in the filmmaking business.

This summer is sure to include a few family get-togethers, so we bring you a satirical perspective on the typical Desi dinner party with a play-by-play of events—everything from those standard late arrivals to the drawn-out goodbyes at the door.

Next, we delve into how to plan the perfect vacation, just in time for those of you planning those luxurious summer get-aways. We dish on how to choose a destination, find the best deals, cope with different languages and food, and explore how South Asians are perceived in a foreign land. We figured that on your vacation you’ll want to

look your best while under the sun, so our Desi Diva discusses how to smooth your stomach and perfect your polish, and why sunscreen is a summer must-do.

We also focus on the inherent need among South Asians to be perfect. First, we discuss the parental angle in The Evils of Perfectionism. Next, our Love and Sex expert helps someone cope with the feeling of not measuring up to a previous girlfriend. We also bring you a piece called Keeping up with the Patels, a thoughtful tale on the upside and downside of trying to be better than everyone else.

Finally, check out ABCDlady’s recipes to please mom’s palate on Mother’s Day.



Navdeep Kathuria
Editor-in-Chief, ABCDlady

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