Letter from Editor
By Navdeep Kathuria

Dear ABCDlady Readers,

It’s our very last issue, and we are truly ending in style. Before I dive into this month’s articles, I have some news. Last month, after we announced the magazine was ending, we received inquiries from people wanting to move forward with the magazine. So, I’d like to officially announce that ABCDlady is up for sale. If another entity is able to take this business to the next level, we’re all for that. Prospective buyers would capitalize on our established brand name and goodwill with the South Asian American community. They’d also receive a license to the thousands of professional South Asian lifestyle images in our collection. If you’d like to receive additional info, please respond to this email to contact me.

Since another entity may continue carrying our torch, I won’t get too nostalgic over our past. I won’t go into our humble beginnings, the innumerable sacrifices made or the countless relationships developed over time. ABCDlady has had quite a journey, comparable to the journey on which South Asians embarked when coming to the U.S. We both began with limited resources but high aspirations and hope for what we could someday become. While ABCDlady is at a crossroads, Desis have made and will continue to make history. There will be many more stories to tell. In this month’s issue, we are going to meet some South Asians with particularly interesting paths.

First, we whisk you to this year’s elections. South Asians are running for public office in great numbers. In this issue, we meet one of the youngest South Asian candidates: 28-year-old Surya Yalamanchili. Going by the tagline “Chili,” this marketing expert and former Apprentice contestant has his sights set on a Democratic Congressional seat in Ohio. Yalamanchili hopes to turn his humble upbringing and outside-of-Washington perspective into a victory. Learn about Yalamanchili and his fight for Congress.

This month we take a look at the South Asian gay community and hear the accounts of three South Asian lesbians. While the South Asian American gay community has come a long way in terms of equal rights and discrimination, there is still progress to be made. Read about this underrepresented community.

Want to test your knowledge of South Asian immigrant trivia? Read about how the first Desi immigrants made their imprint in the U.S.

This month we also meet a grandmother who was a feminist in her time. Read this touching reflection of a grandmother’s effect on others through her strength and resolve.

Also, our Parenting Expert leaves you with some final parenting advice for the new and not-so-new moms out there.

Next, we have a commentary on the high rates of breast cancer in Pakistan. While 1 in 22 women have breast cancer in India, 1 in 5 have breast cancer in Pakistan. An inhabitant of Pakistan speculates on reasons behind this large disparity.

Additionally, our Love and Sex experts meet someone starting a new life after divorce and someone else dealing with an overbearing girlfriend.

In previous months, our fitness model/competitor has provided you with tools to get in shape. This month, she imparts some summer eating guidelines to keep your figure intact. One of her tips is to grill more. Accordingly, our Cuisine expert provides a recipe for green chicken tikka kabobs and salsa.

Finally, think you’re pretty organized? This month, we talk to a professional organizer. We have a solution for everything from storing your saris to the best way to deal with Indian food leftovers.

ABCDlady’s journey is still unfolding. We thank you, our loyal readers, for sending the magazine to your friends, for posting links of our articles on your blogs and Facebook pages and for writing us when you liked and even disliked our content. We wouldn’t be what we are without your support. Please stay tuned for our next chapter!


Navdeep Kathuria
Editor-in-Chief, ABCDlady