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As I tell the story to everyone I meet, I first visualized ABCDlady while running on a treadmill at a health club. An Essence magazine happened to be left on the exercise machine so I picked it up and started skimming through its pages. As I read the articles, I realized South Asian Americans are far behind African Americans in discussing their identity. African American women talk freely and openly about the struggles they face. They can discuss dating and marriage issues related to black men, health issues that only concern their community, and so much more! It got me thinking—why doesn’t our community have a forum for the Desi women who have grown up in America? We are a unique culture of our own and have so many stories to tell!

ABCDlady focuses on topics related to the South Asian community who grew up in America . In particular, we are looking to accomplish the following:

- Provide an outlet to discuss taboo topics.

- Give a South Asian perspective on health, fashion, beauty, entertainment and news.

- Highlight South Asians in the community.

- Help South Asians understand themselves and their family for their personal and spiritual growth.

ABCDlady shows American-born South Asians, who may feel displaced from their culture, that they are not alone. We are all a product of upbringings combining South Asian cultures with American ideas. We have all struggled to define who we are. ABCDlady seeks to help us see that it is okay to be ourselves. A new unique culture has risen from our generation. We are not confused,



Navdeep Kathuria



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