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Capitalize on our community goodwill, audience loyalty and over 2k professional images of Desis for your next business!
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Brand equity and exclusive access to, to name a few. Email for details.

Submit an article/recipe

Do you have an idea for an article but you’ve been waiting for the right outlet? Here’s your chance! Either send us your idea and a couple of sample paragraphs and we’ll give you the go-ahead to complete the article or send us your completed draft. We cannot guarantee that everything submitted will be published. It would also help to include a brief description of your writing experience and some samples.

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Be a model for us!

Send us your digital photos of yourself dancing, cooking, relaxing, whatever! We want “in the moment” shots as well as your portraits.

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Join the Team

Come join our team and show off what you have to offer! We are on the lookout for more writers, editors, models, photographers and promoters to join our team. If you think you’re the one for the job, please send an email to

Don’t feel like you have to be South Asian, American born, or a woman to apply. We’re a magazine for South Asian women, but other ethnic groups, men and those born in other countries are a welcome addition as well!!

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