ABCDlady is on Sale
Capitalize on our community goodwill, audience loyalty and over 2k professional images of Desis for your next business!
What are the Benefits of Ownership?
Brand equity and exclusive access to, to name a few. Email for details.
Desi Making Waves
Conversation with Comedian Russell Peters (yes--he's South Asian!)
From Confused to Confident
The Marrying Kind
An ABCD wonders if an arranged marriage is for her
Desi Diva
A Broke Girl's Guide to the Season's Hottest Necessities
Love and Sex Prescription
Our Biological Clock...Sharing a Bed with your Partner
Health and Wellness
Good Intentions…No Motivation
10 ways to keep your fitness goals in 2005
Cocktails and Cuisine
Good Girl/Bad Girl Drinks for any Occasion
Health and Wellness
Wake up to less fatigue
How to have a Short, Smooth and Efficient Shaadi (Wedding)
Overcoming Shyness
Model: Anu V. Photo by Suraj Shetty
- ABCDlady is Putting Together Memoirs of Those who Perished

- How you can Help the Victims

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