ABCDlady is on Sale
Capitalize on our community goodwill, audience loyalty and over 2k professional images of Desis for your next business!
What are the Benefits of Ownership?
Brand equity and exclusive access to, to name a few. Email for details.
Tsunami - Putting The Pieces Back Together
Bride & Prejudice Review
Austen, we have a problem
Health and Wellness
10 Healthy Snacks for Women Watching their Weight
Desi Diva
Secrets for a Flawless Face
Desi Making Waves
Q&A: Founder of Indicorps on volunteering and the power of 'doing something'
From Confused to Confident
Call Me Confused, Please
Cocktails and Cuisine
Appetizers: Boondi Salad and Sabudana Khichdi
Love and Sex Prescription
Dating a man who lives with his parents...Decreased libido?
Fun games to develop focus, concentration and memory
Model: Sarmi Karati. Photo by Ken Erickson
Know a Hot South Asian Man?
Nominate him to be part of a survey about his turn-ons and turn-offs. Email Varuna for more info.

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