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Desi Making Waves
Rated G: An Interview with Dan Nainan

Feature: The Namesake Review
First-rate Name
Desi Diva
Lost in Transition
From Confused to Confident
Equal Rights: At Work, Maybe, but at Home, Maybe Not?
Feature: Eye on Events
Make Flowers Bloom At Your Wedding
Love and Sex Prescription
Mixed Messages?
Health and Wellness
Approaching Alcoholism: Recognizing Addiction
It's Your Birthday, We're Gonna Party!
Cocktails and Cuisine
South Asian Cuisine - British Style
Letter from the Editor

Photographer: Suraj Shetty

Two Indian aunties battle it out over whose daughter
is better, but only one will be left standing in the
end. Check out Vijai Nathan's three-minute film writing and directorial debut, Chai Noon.

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